We specialise in helping small businesses raise funding up to £2m.

Since 2005 we have raised over £55m in funding for small businesses, whether it be new equity investment, facilitating loans, obtaining grants or spot finance for asset funding or cash flow crisis management.

We are not sector dependent, but we are strong on manufacturing and Internet based companies; we also have over 200 independent consultants working in association with support2business, covering all sectors and specialities within companies.




Tribune Business Systems: Facilitating increased working capital for expansion.

Caledonian Computers: £100,000 towards the cost of expanding their specialist services nationally.

Generate UK Ltd: Needed funds for expansion; S2B handled an acquisition.  Funds raised £400k

MPower: £200,000 for start-up of this high tech provider of high speed optic cabling in New Office buildings

Fusion Internet Solutions Ltd: Owner wanted to sell his business; S2B handled the sale. Funds raised £1.2m


Burgess Beds:  £120,000 towards the cost of a new factory.

Pharmaceuticals: £150,000 to fund the expansion of Pharmfarm, an Internet retailer of veterinarian medicines, and which was later sold in a Trade sale.

Red Rhino: £300,000 working capital facility to increase capacity.

Clan Concepts: £150,000 to refit this furniture designer factory with high productivity machines


Mountney: £2.5 million raised for the acquisition of a company with  an attractive product range in the same sector.

Cartwright Group, Manchester: £2 million Regional Growth Fund Grant towards £8 million expansion project

Care Sector

Care Home Business: £10 million facility to expand the business of Derewals.

High Tec

Cryogenics: £90,000 Grant raised for development of prototype cryogenic magnetic microscopes

Early stage grants

LGI: Development of an intrinsically safelighting system for inflammable areas

Juice Jack: Development of a multi head charger system for all mobiles and MP3 players

Tail Crate: Development of a Prototype wheel-less trailer for Saloon Cars

ALL Group £100,000    Powerall

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