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Funding for business

In the last eight years we have raised more than £55m in business funding for over 100 businesses in both good and bad economic times.

In 2014, the landscape for business funding is tougher than ever, despite the “green shoots”.  Banks are unwilling to lend, Angel investors want more involvement, government sponsored grants a rarity, and the Big Growth Fund focused on £10m plus companies.

In these difficult times there are still sources of funding, but it is more important than ever to understanding the funder’s requirements and to be investment ready.

Latest News – £2m Grant Award

Support2business have acquired a £2m grant from the Regional Growth Fund for the Cartwright Group in Altincham, ensuring company growth and 300 new jobs.
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We can still assist clients to access Grant and other funding and by getting their submissions into the right shape and context we can get them offers as we have done for the Cartwright Group.

Focus on Investment Readiness

If your business is has a credible business strategy and a viable implementation plan, backed by a good management team, we can help your business get funding to develop and grow.  We say you are “Investment Ready”.On behalf of investors and lenders, our first task is to make sure you are ready to take their investment.

Our engagement process therefore, once we have seen your documented plans, is as follows:

If, in our opinion, you are investment ready, we agree the most appropriate type of funding with you and take your proposition to the funding community.

Investment readyIf there are issues to resolve before you are investment ready, we recommend an intensive one-day strategy workshop.  Facilitated by two of our experienced team, your own executive team is taken through a five step process and the end of which we will create a “One Page Business Plan” which highlights your vision, short medium and long term goals, strategies and operating plans to achieve those goals, and the immediate action to be taken.

We can then use this plan to guide us through whatever actions need to be taken to make your company Investment Ready and find the business funds you need.

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